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Set in a modern day world and based in France, Argent Doublure's world encompasses all sorts of preternatural races. You can be anything you want here; mermaid, fairy, werewolf, vampire, or your normal old human. The world has a silver lining, between the world of humanity and the world of fantasy. Most humans are completely unaware of the preternatural that live among us, but who knows.

Once you encounter the preternatural, you will never be the same. So which side of the silver lining will you side on? Unaware Bliss or Deadly Knowledge?

Here on Argent Doublure, you are welcome to create any type of character you want however you want. There is really no limit to your creativity here. Even your own made species can be used here if you wish. We are a character driven plot, with mini plots on the site, and are always looking to increase your development as a writer and as your character. If you have any questions, you can attack our cbox or join and PM the administration!

Argent Doublure is a no application, no word count, intermediate to advanced RPG. So once you join, have fun and relax! We welcome you to our community!
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In Character Plot

Welcome to France, a paradise among many who wish to look for love, beauty, and friendship. However, underneath all of this land of natural beauty and friendly people is a more hidden community, that of the supernatural realm. Humanity is blissfully unaware of the dangers, the creatures of fairy tales and fantasies they live amongst, and more so the problems, deaths and mayhem these creatures can and will cause. Some are benevolent, some are malicious and sinister, and some simply want to stay hidden, to be left alone to live quiet lives. So what will you do in this world? Will you choose to stay in the dark about the mysteries and seemingly impossible things that happen around you or will you open your eyes to what's been staring you right in the face since the beginning? Fantasy shall become reality; choose to be a part of the new status quo, or remain ignorant to a new order in the world.

Current Setting

Argent Doublure is set within the modern day world. It's set currently within 2014, and as a liquid roleplay site, we allow you to roleplay any date and time you wish. Everything that is in progress now in the real world will take effect on the site. This includes the advancement in technology, science, medicine, and all other great explorations the human world has developed.

Why France? Why Now?

So why has the paranormal world located closely within the realms of France? Simple. France is a major tourist location, and people are constantly coming and going. Not only does it have a day life, but a great night life as well. Naturally both diurnal and nocturnal preternatural creatures live here, and a wide variety of wildlife and locations of water and land. Crime in the city is normal, so whenever a murder or missing person's happen, its rarely frowned upon due to the normalcy of it.

Character Driven

Here on Argent Doublure, we don't have a plot per say, but more of an open ended rpg to allow you to develop your character(s) in the fashion of your choice. This means changing, learning, developing, growing, falling in love, etc.... Whatever you find fitting for your character(s) you are able to make happen.

But this doesn't mean we won't create in character plots once in a while to bolster development and interaction with other players and characters. You are not required to participate if you don't want to but you are more than welcome. Some plots are long-winded where others can be short and sweet.

Current Plots Running

Currently none.

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