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Set in a modern day world and based in France, Argent Doublure's world encompasses all sorts of preternatural races. You can be anything you want here; mermaid, fairy, werewolf, vampire, or your normal old human. The world has a silver lining, between the world of humanity and the world of fantasy. Most humans are completely unaware of the preternatural that live among us, but who knows.

Once you encounter the preternatural, you will never be the same. So which side of the silver lining will you side on? Unaware Bliss or Deadly Knowledge?

Here on Argent Doublure, you are welcome to create any type of character you want however you want. There is really no limit to your creativity here. Even your own made species can be used here if you wish. We are a character driven plot, with mini plots on the site, and are always looking to increase your development as a writer and as your character. If you have any questions, you can attack our cbox or join and PM the administration!

Argent Doublure is a no application, no word count, intermediate to advanced RPG. So once you join, have fun and relax! We welcome you to our community!
Tabbed sidebar courtesy of kismet of rpg-d. Argent Doublure and its content belongs to Amianna and the community. All content by members is protected under Creative Commons usage. Do not plagiarize, copy or recreate our ideas, graphics or coding. Site Graphics by Amianna. Original image by Amianna. Site skin and mini profile by Skye at CC, Caution and Shine. Any and all creations of other lore is copyrighted to their rightful owners. This includes any content that possibly reflects our own created information, or other created characters (supernatural show species, vampire diaries species, etc...). AD will not be held liable for any content you bring onto the forum that infringes on someone elses' works. Custom stats field is copyrighted to SAINT MERC on Caution 2.0.
Amianna - Admin
Taiga - Admin

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Rules and Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • The administration may change the rules at any time but we will try to stay stable.
  • Respect everyone. Do not troll, flame, spam, or perform other uninviting behaviors.
  • The admins' word is law. If you disagree, please PM them with your concerns.
  • Separate OOC from IC. Please don't take things personally; it's all fun and games but if you have an issue take it elsewhere to resolve or Pm a staff.
  • If you have any problems, concerns, or questions, do not be afraid to message the administration account. We are here to help you!

  • Registration and Applying

  • Always register with an OOC account first.
  • There is no limit on characters per player. Just keep all active.
  • We are a mature site. (L3, S3, V3) Please be aware that some content may be offensive and you are accepting this when joining.
  • When registering an IC account, ALWAYS have a first and last name.
  • Once you have applied, you can either start working on your character in your profile (located in your controls) or start roleplay. Argent Doublure is considered a no application site.
  • We have left the CHARACTER CREATION FORUM up, so if you wish you can go work on your character there to further develop them!
  • If you have multiple characters, please access the sub-account system in the user control panel (UCP). It’s very useful!
  • Face claims are first come first serve. Claims are done by posting your application. However, you do not have to have a face claim. Face claims for adoptables gain priority and are placed under 'hold' for those.
  • Characters of all ages are permitted, but play them accordingly.

  • Graphics

  • Your main avatar dimensions are 200x300.
  • Your GIF is 200x170
  • Signatures max width and height are 500x300. You can have smaller, but no larger.

  • Roleplaying

  • We are a liquid time rpg; We do have a present date currently set in 2014. However, you can play a past or future thread as long as you label it as so.
  • Please only play your character(s), unless you were given prior consent from the other roleplayer to do play theirs.
  • We prefer you write in past tense, third person in threads and IC chatbox.
  • There is no word count. However, please mirror posts and give the same quality the other roleplayer(s) is(are) giving.
  • We consider ourselves an intermediate/advanced RPG.
  • Thread titles should be labeled if needed.
  • PLEASE NOTE! If you are having difficulty with your character, you can roleplay them within the DREAM WORLD FORUM.

  • skinned by analeigh of caution, roux, and shine!

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