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Set in a modern day world and based in France, Argent Doublure's world encompasses all sorts of preternatural races. You can be anything you want here; mermaid, fairy, werewolf, vampire, or your normal old human. The world has a silver lining, between the world of humanity and the world of fantasy. Most humans are completely unaware of the preternatural that live among us, but who knows.

Once you encounter the preternatural, you will never be the same. So which side of the silver lining will you side on? Unaware Bliss or Deadly Knowledge?

Here on Argent Doublure, you are welcome to create any type of character you want however you want. There is really no limit to your creativity here. Even your own made species can be used here if you wish. We are a character driven plot, with mini plots on the site, and are always looking to increase your development as a writer and as your character. If you have any questions, you can attack our cbox or join and PM the administration!

Argent Doublure is a no application, no word count, intermediate to advanced RPG. So once you join, have fun and relax! We welcome you to our community!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Argent Doublure?

Argent Doublure is French for silver lining. In the urban dictionary, silver lining means - "phrase used to tell someone that there is a brighter side to the problem they are facing. The phrase comes from the fact that every dark rain cloud has a silver edge, or lining." The reason Argent Doublure was named this is due to the human society always looking for the good in everything. With the supernatural in this world, those who know about it will always look for the silver lining.

Does human society know about the supernatural race?

Most of humanity has no idea about the supernatural. They live blissfully unaware of the dangers that live on the edge of their world. Many deaths that happen are considered to be caused by humans, but are in fact the causes of the supernatural realm. There are some humans who know about the supernatural world; but once you know, you can never go back to your normal life. Many humans will find themselves in situations where they are either blackmailed into servitude, claimed by the supernatural to keep them protected, or simple know but have to keep a silent word.

What species can we be?

We have given you the liberty to pick whatever species you want to be. That can be anything from a demon, angel, mermaid, fairy, human, werewolf, vampire, and so much more. The sky is the limit! If there is a situation with the species you want to be, you will be messaged by the administration and we will work with you to get you what you want.

How do powers work?

We do not focus on the powers of a person, but the development. However, as they are supernatural so it's only natural to have powers. All powers have a description and a weakness. You can start out with one, three, or all ten. However, no one can go pass the limit of ten.

Can I change my species?

Of course! This is a supernatural site, so who's to say a god didn't randomly change you, or some crazy scientist manipulated your genes? Then you got the humans who can be bitten or fed special foods to be changed. Anything can happen! If you change your species, please inform the administration so we can make the proper edits.

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