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Set in a modern day world and based in France, Argent Doublure's world encompasses all sorts of preternatural races. You can be anything you want here; mermaid, fairy, werewolf, vampire, or your normal old human. The world has a silver lining, between the world of humanity and the world of fantasy. Most humans are completely unaware of the preternatural that live among us, but who knows.

Once you encounter the preternatural, you will never be the same. So which side of the silver lining will you side on? Unaware Bliss or Deadly Knowledge?

Here on Argent Doublure, you are welcome to create any type of character you want however you want. There is really no limit to your creativity here. Even your own made species can be used here if you wish. We are a character driven plot, with mini plots on the site, and are always looking to increase your development as a writer and as your character. If you have any questions, you can attack our cbox or join and PM the administration!

Argent Doublure is a no application, no word count, intermediate to advanced RPG. So once you join, have fun and relax! We welcome you to our community!
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About our Species

Human Species

Humans. Well, that's simple. They're humans, mundane and pretty darn plain. They make up the majority of the population on earth, and work as hard as anyone else who inhabits the planet. There is nothing special about humans, except that they breathe and can be changed into nearly anything if they come across an opportunity or unfortunate calamity of some sort or wish to by preternatural means.

Most humans are unaware of the preternatural community, as it is tightly kept hidden by the preternaturals themselves. However, there are some humans who do know. They have stumbled upon the existence of some, or they are privy to some preternatural's secret. Some are kept as pets, perhaps slaves or servants. They might be owned by some preternatural. Those who are wear some sort of symbol/accessory to show this claim, whether it be a tattoo, necklace, ring, or earring. Most of these humans serve a purpose or have a use such as a scientist or a bleeder.

There are also the humans who know about the preternatural world because they survived a situation. A vampire bite, a succubus draining them, a demon possessing them, etc. Those who have had their life force taken temporarily or have been touched by preternatural events and survived are known as survivors. However, those who survive often believe that what happened to them was a hallucination, an illusion; some even think they've gone mad and end up in mental asylums because no one believes them. Some humans can be turned into preternatural beings, but not all survive. Some preternaturals will simply turn one or more and then leave them to fend for themselves. Others may have maternal/fraternal instincts or feel responsible to care for the one they brought to the other side.

There are factions of humans who know of the preternatural world and do not agree with it. They call themselves hunters, or various other names of the same meaning. They make it their occupation to eradicate those who go against the natural order of the world. Hunters have many reasons for their occupation or hobby. If your human chooses to be a hunter, you are more than welcome to play with this option.

Preternatural Species

The existence of preternaturals is a very elusive and well-kept secret since the beginning of time. This is a very broad and large group of creatures, and they all have a human appearance. This makes it even more difficult to determine who is human and who is unnatural. If you are not naturally human, you are considered a preternatural being. Such as physics, clairvoyance, or even seeing ghost. Some 'human' abilities, such as psychic sight, clairvoyance, and seeing ghosts, are still considered part of the preternatural realm. Despite this, humans have made a fortune off of it by being fakes (though some aren't).

Most preternaturals prefer to stay within the cloud of illusion, to be known in stories and games but never in truth. They have no rules or bounds, and do not follow any laws. Some species have developed groups that they belong in, such as werewolf packs or vampire colonies. These are very rare and few between as preternaturals prefer to be on their own.

Preternaturals can be anything from the commonly known vampires, werewolves, Amazons or shape-shifters, to the rare beings such as demons, angels, djinn, dragons, and ghosts. There are so many creatures that you can play, including thunderbirds, phoenixes, gargoyles, fairies, mermaids, nymphs, and demi-gods. The sky is the limit when it comes to preternatural creatures. Please note that not all vampires will be the same, or all mermaids. You are allowed creativity here.

When two separate preternaturals mate, three outcomes can happen. A hybrid might be created, the preternatural child might take after either the mother or father, or a human child can be born. 50% of the time, a human child is born, 35% of the time, the child is born a preternatural, and 15% of these babies are born as hybrids.

There are also preternaturals who become hunters. They might hunt humans, and they might hunt other preternatural species. Their reasons for doing these things vary and you are more than welcome to expand on this if they choose to go this path.

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