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Set in a modern day world and based in France, Argent Doublure's world encompasses all sorts of preternatural races. You can be anything you want here; mermaid, fairy, werewolf, vampire, or your normal old human. The world has a silver lining, between the world of humanity and the world of fantasy. Most humans are completely unaware of the preternatural that live among us, but who knows.

Once you encounter the preternatural, you will never be the same. So which side of the silver lining will you side on? Unaware Bliss or Deadly Knowledge?

Here on Argent Doublure, you are welcome to create any type of character you want however you want. There is really no limit to your creativity here. Even your own made species can be used here if you wish. We are a character driven plot, with mini plots on the site, and are always looking to increase your development as a writer and as your character. If you have any questions, you can attack our cbox or join and PM the administration!

Argent Doublure is a no application, no word count, intermediate to advanced RPG. So once you join, have fun and relax! We welcome you to our community!
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 Kai L. Vladimar
♠Kai Vladimar
 Posted: May 7 2014, 11:14 PM
Kai Vladimar
Alive and Kicking
3207 years old.
Marine Biologist.
Played by Skye.
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"But why is the rum gone?"
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3207 (give or take)
November 27
Marine Biologist
Colin O’Donoghue
Taiga - CST
Kai Levi Vladimar

♆The ocean
♆Being rough and dirty
♆Sassing people
♆Shiny objects
♆Spicy food
♆Marine animals
♆Being warm

♆Sweet things
♆Being electrocuted
♆Being too hot
♆Being too cold
♆People who piss off Poseidon
♆People who harm sea animals
♆Oil spills
♆Foul odors
♆Humidity and dry skin
♆Being threatened or intimidated
♆Being bored


♆Thick-skinned (literal & figurative)
♆Stomach of steel
♆Keen senses
♆Can hold breath for hours
♆Herculean jaws

♆Low body temperature
♆Electrical attacks
♆Low empathy
♆Being away from water for too long
♆Impatient (depending)

Kai Vladimar is, for lack of a better word, a beast; a very evolved and intelligent animal but his primal bestial instincts still lurk beneath his humanesque appearance and adapted jocular personality. He’s been a live for three millenniums, one and a half of them spent living amongst humans and learning their ways so he could better fit in and not get himself targeted by the mundanes. It was a difficult transaction for him, going from an animal to being a human. Humans were so much more complicated. As a beast he could lounge around, do what he pleased, eat what he willed, destroyed things that pissed him off. As a human, he had to abide by their silly little laws, clothe himself and find some way to get this so-called currency so he could “pay” for things. He was a simple creature, didn’t need to live lavishly, didn’t care for social comparison, didn’t care for many things in life other than his own contentment. His contentment might enjoy doing fun things, sex, having adventures, swimming in the ocean, or perhaps napping in the warm sand of the beach; oh and eating.

Of course after living as a human for so long, Kai had long adapted to their ways and now blends in pretty well. No one could possibly tell he’s really a beast-turned-human. Not with his charming personality, witty remarks, and sassy comebacks. Friendly in nature, Kai can approach virtually anyone and strike up a conversation. He’s very casual and lax, easy-going and stress is a foreign word to him. Approachable and easy to talk to, Kai is also short-tempered and crass, lashing out sometimes on instinct when he doesn’t like something. Impatient, he doesn’t like to wait but it really depends on the situation and how much he likes the person or whether he wants to be in the situation. His sassiness and heavy use of sarcasm can usually make him come off as annoying to others, but he really doesn’t give a damn if others don’t like him. His sarcastic ways can come off as rude and he can be rather blunt and inconsiderate. Unless of course he likes the person then he tries to be on his best behavior. Actually no, the more he likes a person the more he acts like himself. He can be quite playful and childish, petulant even but it is all fun and games to him until someone gets hurt. Now if he cared for the person he would make sure they’re alright; if he didn’t care for them he would just leave them to fend for themselves.

He is a believer of the law of nature and survival of the fittest, obviously since he is still an animal at heart. Not a big fan of cowards, idiots, and those who do not fight for themselves. He detests those who can only mouth off, complain and whine yet not to a damn thing about their situations; weakness and learned helplessness are things he does not tolerate. Sometimes he might get angry and scold them; other times he might not even waste his saliva or oxygen on such people or creatures. Kai is a very active person, not at all passive; he doesn’t stand around waiting for things to happen to him. If he wants something, he’ll go and get it one way or another. Selfish but he can be selfless depending on circumstances; it has to involve someone special to him for him to be selfless and there are very very few people in the world that mean that much to him.

But to those very very rare people, he is as loyal as loyal can be and would never betray them unless given great reason to. He gives trust in those he cares for and would risk his own hide to save them and ensure they are unharmed. He’s also quite possessive over those he considers his and can get territorial; but he expresses this sort of jealousy in a cute way by bugging the person he likes and getting their attention or making them hate him so that they think of him constantly. Kai hasn’t found someone to love yet, but when he does he would want him to take up a large chunk of their attention. But he is understanding and would attempt not to be clingy.

Has a bit of an oral fixation and likes to keep his mouth occupied, either eating or chewing something; perfect when he has an enormous appetite and fast metabolism. If he’s not snacking constantly he could potentially eat a very large mean that would last him two or three days before he needs to eat again. Try not to come between him and food; he likes to eat very much and getting in the middle of meal time could result in some injuries and snapping chompers.

Don’t mistake his jovial personality for a pushover. To underestimate him is a death wish. He’s still very much a beast of legend that will not hesitate to kill or maim if he sees enough blood to do so. Has a strong bloodlust so getting a taste of blood could make him go into a frenzy. When he’s in such a state, reason will be lost to him as he thinks with pure animal instincts and will only want to taste that crimson life force. Only those he trusts dearly can possibly bring him out of this berserk state.
Born a leviathan, a sea beast, crocodilian in nature and appearance, who terrorized the seas back in the day. He had no name then, the humans only called him “The Leviathan” and any sailor or sea-goer feared incurring his wrath. His favorite pastime would be to randomly pick a ship and destroy it for pleasure, munching on the people who fell to their watery deaths. The beast knew of no parents or siblings, creatures like them grew up independent and alone; if they did not live long then obviously they were not meant to survive. The law of nature was the only rule and to survive you had to best all adversities. Hunters would target him, put a bounty on his head, but he only caused his bounty to increase after every 10 kills of wishful people. Not even some supernatural creatures dared to go against the mighty sea beast. His jaws decimated ships in two as if they were nothing but twigs and his tail turned everything into smithereens with one fell smash. His steel-hard hide was impenetrable by mortal weapons and in the sea there was none his equal.

Poseidon grew to like him and anointed him as a pet of the Sea God. In return for protection, the Sea God wanted the beast to destroy anything he asked. The god named the beast “Vladimar” for “sea king” and had him attack Troy before the Trojan War began. Unfortunately he was killed by the Greek hero Heracles. Sad his pet was gone, Poseidon decided to resurrect the beast, infusing Vladimar with his own blood, the blood of a god and soon Vladimar was born anew, retaining memories of his past but staring out a hatchling once more. Once more he was Poseidon’s favorite pet and he lived in the vast expanse of the seas and came whenever his master called. He spent his days causing chaos, terrorizing wayward locals on land, sunbathing on beaches and slumbering in the depths of the sea. Vladimar was unlike other leviathans; he was more than just a sea monster. He was a sea creature infused with god’s blood and had far more intelligence and powers than the rest of his kin. He learned to harness hydrokinesis as well as the ability to create storms such as hurricanes, maelstroms, typhoons and monsoons as well as thunderstorms over the ocean. Poseidon gifted him with other abilities too and would teach the creature about humanity and how to treasure it yet keep it within balance.

After a millennium and a half, Vladimar expressed interest in humanity and Poseidon blessed him with the ability to take on a human form as well as a humanoid crocodilian form to be on land. On land he learned human ways, having to slowly adapt from the natural animalistic instincts he had to blend in with society. The awareness of other supernatural creatures had always been known to him but he was very fascinated by human beings. When he grew bored of humans or when they would go into conflict, he would return to the sea in his true form once more, usually observing the humans at a distance. He’s learned plenty from humanity and is now able to blend into society without drawing attention to himself. Very knowledgeable considering how long he’s been alive and he still continues to learn as time passes on and he goes from century to century. While living as a human, he distances himself from mundane human trivialities and quarrels as he sees no reason to involve himself in inferior complications.

One day he decided to earn himself a degree so he could blend more with the advancing human world. He had no bloody idea what he wanted to get a degree in; he stared at the list for hours at various colleges and universities. In the end he went to UC Berkeley and received his undergrad there, a B.S. in biology and then went on Cambridge in the UK to get his masters and PhD in marine biology. He currently resides in France, Marseille mostly but travels around to do his research. He’s been to many parts of the world before settling in France.
Has two forms:
Leviathan Form:
Humanoid Crocodilian Form

Leviathan Given Abilities
♆Ability to hold his breath for hours
♆Physically impenetrable steel-hard scales
♆Crushing jaws and thick bludgeoning tail
♆Echolocation in water
♆Heightened senses of smell, taste, hearing, eyesight
♆Telepathy when in his leviathan and hybrid crocodile form ♆Superior strength, speed, endurance, stamina, agility
♆Regeneration and self-healing abilities

Special Powers
  • Can manipulate and shape water as well as changing the molecular structure to create and control ice and mist. Able to manipulate ocean currents as well as tides. Can shoot water projectiles, engulf others in water bubbles, can manipulate the water composition inside someone’s body, can fight using water as well as healing by absorbing water and using water to heal others. In his beast forms he can absorb water and emit pressurized blasts from his mouth. He can heat up or cool water by manipulating the hydrogen bonds. Only downside is he can’t create water, he has to take it from his surroundings for him to manipulate it.
  • Can teleport instantly to any location he’s been to before. Has to have been to the location before to teleport there. Can bring people with him as well as objects. The more people and the more he has to bring, the more energy he uses up. Has to know exactly where he’s going so he doesn’t end up in a wall or some other impossible space.
♆Storm Creation
  • Can generate thunderstorms, hurricanes, typhoons, monsoons, tsunamis, maelstroms, whirlpools, but has to be contact with water. He can also sense when one of these types of storms is coming. Has limited control over the storms after they manifest and when he’s angry they’re more violent and out of his control.
♆Vortex Breath
  • Can exhale with enough power to generate gale-force, gusts of wind that can cause waves in the ocean, demolish frail buildings, put out fires and blow things at others. Can inhale with enough force to create a gravitational vortex that sucks and draws things towards him. Can inhale first to draw things to him, such as water, and then exhale it out like a wave. Can do this with objects too. It takes time for him to inhale enough air to generate the vortex and takes time for him to exhale it all out. Can even do this underwater.
♆Infrared Sensing
  • Can read heat signatures, the infrared spectrum, from his surroundings. Can tell apart living and non-living things. Can also tell where in the body heat is most concentrated and can somewhat see the blood flow in the body, or at least where most of the blood is concentrated since that is where most of the heat is. If the target is near a heat source it can be difficult to tell the difference from far away unless the target moves.
  • His voice can lull people into a temporary hypnotic state where he can make suggestions to their subconscious, influence their memories, behaviors, thoughts. Makes them more susceptible to what he tells them to think and or do, giving them a false sense of security or perhaps persuading them to forget an event or create false memories; people are more willing to listen to his commands when hypnotized. Can be used to soothe and calm people as well. People with strong wills can break out of this and idiots are impervious.
♆Oceanic Call
  • Can communicate with marine animals and call them to him when he needs them. Can influence their behaviors as well and sense their emotions. Only works with animals of the sea. Once they’re free they usually flee from him out of fright.
♆Blood Fury
  • Becomes stronger when he tastes blood but becomes more dangerous to those around him due to lack of rational thought and more animalistic instincts. His pain tolerance increases and his strength and speed are enhanced too because the blood will be directed away from the frontal lobe and more towards other parts of the brain and body. More powerful due to lack of inhibitions too and more willing to use full power attacks. May take a while to return to normal and can be very destructive to friend or foe. He can use hydrokinesis to manipulate the water molecules in blood and essentially blood-bend. Will get a headache after his fury is over.

 Posted: May 14 2014, 02:01 PM
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